InnateApps Push Instructions

Use these instructions to generate InnateApps Push Details for your app.

Step 1: Creating an app on InnateApps

  1. Login to InnateApps and click on Push Notifications

  2. On the next page click on Add New Appicon as shown below.

  3. On the next page, enter the App Title and choose an icon for your app and click Add Button.

Step 2: Generating theApplication ID,Key and Secret

After your app is created, you will get the Application ID, Authorization key and Authorization secret.

  1. Separately click on Copy to Clipboard button next to all of the three fields as shown below and paste these separately.

Step 3:Using the Application ID,Key and Secret in your App

After you have copied your Application ID,Key and Secret from InnateApps in Setp 2,you need to enter these in your app at MyBizAppmaker

  1. Go to Manage Projects section on MyBizAppmaker and click on Edit App for your project.
    This is shown below.

  2. In the Push Details tab, enter your API ID,Key and Secret in the appropriate locations andclick on Save Changes as shown below.

  3. Your Innateapps Push integration is now complete..