App Store Title & Description

App Store Title & Description

App descriptions are not supposed to be boring as some people have made it be, because it's not just a description, it's a marketing tool.

Most people see the description before they download your app. If you have a game, utility, information, or educational app, you will need a well-constructed app description to pass your message across.

More downloads can result in more revenue for you regarding in-app purchases with a professional app description

Don't launch your app with a bad description - get in touch for one that gets you more downloads.

If you rank very low on the search engines of Google Play store, an ASO app description will set the tone for a steady climb up the chart.

More than 70% of the apps are discovered via search, which means the best keywords

What we offer is a 500-word app description to show the features of your app and give enough reasons for users to download it.

Includes - Title & Short Description (for Play Store)

We do enough keyword research before delivering the app description.

What we need to get started?

    If your app is published, send me the link to your app
    If not published, send me a brief of what the app is meant to do and a few screenshots